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Friday, September 4, 2009

EdenPure Heater Thermal Imaging

What do you think of this video? Can you explain the difference in heating after 15 minutes between the conventional heater and the EdenPure? Enter your comments below.


  1. Gary,
    That's a pretty interesting time-lapse movie.
    How about if the EdenPure operates at a lower temperature but with a higher CFM blower. Same BTUs but better heat distribution.

  2. seems edenpure is simply using a fan to circulate the heat in the room instead of letting the heat radiate natually from the heating elements

  3. It does appear to be dispersions at work with the added fans mounted to the backside of the unit.

  4. This is silly. Watts are watts regardless of where they come from. In these examples, we do not really know where the watts are ending up.

    If you look at the side of the chair in the space heater images, it gets quite hot. I believe the radiant and air flow may be directed at the side of the chair, from where it cannot circulate to the walls. In the EdenPure video, the side of the chair remains cool. I think part of this issue in the distribution of both the air flow and the direction of radiant heat transfer.

    If you heat your home with gas, and heat all rooms to the same temperature with the edenpure, the electric bill rise rise, the gas bill will be lowered and the total cost will go up.

    The space heater may reduce energy costs if you let other rooms become cool.

    I have the same electric space heater here. The fan actually moves very little air. Most of the heat transfer is radiant, not convective. If this unit is radiating out to the center of the room, it will take some time for the heat to be absorbed by the radiant receiver and then re-radiate to the rear or support convective warming to the rear. Clearly, the edenpure uses convective heat transfer. It produces radiant heat, which warms some copper inside. A fan then blows the heat out as warm air. Where the warm is is directed, warm surface temperatures will result.

    In short, I think this demonstration proves nothing.

  5. I found this website helpful with questions that I had about the unit

  6. Calling 1-800-839-0966 can help answer questions.