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Thursday, June 21, 2012

New ITC Message Board Forum

We have some exciting news for you; we have developed a brand new Message board Forum so you can ask questions, get answers, and offer your expertise to the thermography community.

Try it out today! Click here.

It is an entirely new format with a lot of new capabilities, here are some of them:

Ease of Use


The ITC Forum was designed to be easy to use.

Images in Posts


You can now include several images in a post, and position them where you like.

Private Messaging


Send messages to one or several registered users at a time, privately.

Threads, Posts, and Polls


Infinite possibilities arise from every conversation.

Calendars and Events


Multiple calendars each with recurring or ranged events by users.



Give ratings and leave comments on other registered users and their posts.

User Promotions


Automatically promotes users based on their post count, reputation or registration date.

Easy Searching


The built in search uses Google search technology to easily find the information you are looking for.

No Spam


No more wedding dresses!

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