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Friday, October 10, 2014

Best of InfraMation Live Webcast: Cold Air in Boston

Thursday, December 18thcold-air-boston-sawyer-IR-thumb-jpeg

2:00 p.m. EST (-5 UTC)

Guest Presenter – Dave Sawyer

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Originally presented at InfraMation 2010, Dave Sawyer of Sawyer Infrared returns for a special live webinar to present his paper from the conference proceedings. It features two case studies involving clients of his from the Boston area who dealt with building performance issues.

One was an upscale restaurant experiencing cold air infiltration that was caused patron discomfort and increasing heating costs for the owners. The other, a large grocery store, was concerned that a number of freezers situated outside the building might be losing precious cold air. In both instances, thermal imaging revealed problems that would not have been detected with other test methods.

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  1. When inspecting electrical panels, and want to get the ambient temperature, what should be considered; the temperature inside the panel which could be measured by the camera. Or the room temperature which can be measured by a thermometer?

  2. If you are looking to determine rise over ambient temperature for the components, then you should compare the component temperature with the ambient temperature of its immediate surroundings inside the panel.

    1. Thanks Gary, In this case shall we consider the RAT( Reflected Apearant Temperature) is the ambient or measure it on a chosen point on a known emissivity inside the panel?

    2. If you are trying to determine the temperature of the component, and the panel door is open (obviously), then you must consider the what the component is actually reflecting (probably the opposing wall or equipment). That is the value you use for RAT.

      See this online course that explains this:

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