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Friday, December 3, 2010

InfraMation 2010: A Stand-Out Success Story!

inframation 2010 banner What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Wrong!

InfraMation 2010 may have ended a few weeks ago, but people are still talking about it. From tweets to message boards, (, the feedback is clear: InfraMation 2010 broke all the records in its 11-year history!

“The numbers speak for themselves …” states David Francoeur, FLIR’s Director of Marketing. “InfraMation attendance jumped 60% compared to last year and 30% over the all-time-record achieved in 2008.”

No doubt this reflects several factors. Chief among them is the strong return-on-investment most companies, both large and small, receive on their infrared cameras and thermal imaging inspection programs.

“At a time when companies hope to reduce energy loss in their building envelope or want to extend the life of capital equipment, there’s really no better tool than an infrared camera,” adds David. “And most people see the value in getting some formal training or attending a conference such as InfraMation.”

This year’s InfraMation boasted an exceptionally wide offering of educational opportunities. Attendees had the advantage of participating in 55 technical presentations and 17 different expert-led workshops – or “IR Clinics.”

One of the exciting events was also hearing the motivational speech from Mike Holmes, host of Holmes on Homes™. His keynote talk was inspirational, and he articulated some age-old maxims:

  • Get the best tools for any job,
  • Be sure your work is always high quality, and
  • Think broadly about how you can add value in your company – and your community.

What does all this have to do with thermal imaging? Everything.

To all of you who attended InfraMation 2010, we thank you. We especially want to thank all the authors, clinic presenters, and the FLIR Marketing staff for their endless hours putting the conference together. We hope to see all of you along with some new faces next year at InfraMation 2011!


The InfraMation Team