Infrared Training Center

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Special Advanced IR Training Course for Research and Science Coming in October

The Infrared Training Center is hosting an Advanced IR Systems Training class this October 8-10 at our Boston-regional training center in Nashua, New Hampshire that focuses on the science behind infrared camera calibration, concepts of radiometry and target signature work.  It is intended for researchers, scientists, university students, and engineers who are using thermal imaging in their respective fields.

Included in the class will be a thorough review of IR science and modern infrared camera design with an emphasis on radiative heat transfer and the practical implications of using a thermal imaging camera to measure temperature. All common sources of measurement error will be discussed as well as the methods used to mitigate these issues.

Depending on the needs of the participants and the time available, additional topics covered may include measurement through IR windows or using mirrors to capture indirect temperature readings. While not required, students are encouraged to bring their own cameras and laptops for planned lab exercises during class.

For more information and to register, please view the course listing on the ITC website or contact the Infrared Training Center directly at 1-866-TRAIN-IR.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

ITC Acquires New Aerial Viewing System to Augment sUAS Training Classes

The Infrared Training Center is excited to announce the purchase of a Command View System from Camera Motion Research, LLC to be used in sUAS training classes.  This equipment allows for the transmission of live video from an unmanned aircraft system to a control center on the ground as far as 3,000ft (914m) away.

Having the Command View System allows the instructor to demonstrate camera operation techniques and perform specific tasks such as measuring temperature, showing the effects of viewing angle and more, all while from the air.  Not only does this enhance the overall training experience, it allows for up to eight students to view the screen at a time, encouraging participation and improving engagement during flying exercises.

With the Command View System, more students can now experience the correct way to capture qualitative and quantitative thermography data in real time.  It works with a variety of instructional situations and applications too including overhead electrical, agricultural, solar panels and more.  A built-in DVR recorder captures all images and videos taken during flight which can be replayed and discussed while back in the classroom.

Look for the Command View System at upcoming sUAS Level I Thermography and Level I Public Safety Courses from the Infrared Training Center.   Registration for these classes and others is available online at or by calling ITC directly at 1-866-TRAIN-IR.

Monday, April 29, 2019

ITC & DroneBase Announce Training Partnership for sUAS Thermography

The Infrared Training Center (ITC) has been named as the official IR training and certification provider for DroneBase, a global drone operations company that provides businesses access to one of the largest small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) pilot networks in the world. DroneBase and its pilots have completed over 100,000 commercial missions in more than 70 countries, offering services across multiple industries including residential/commercial real estate, insurance, telecommunications, construction, and media.  

ITC’s sUAS Level I Thermography Certification course will serve as the foundation for this training that is available to DroneBase pilots where they will learn about the various applications of aerial infrared.  The class is designed for the sUAS pilot who needs the background, skills, and knowledge to properly capture and interpret thermal images.  Besides an overview of the many applications, participants will also learn about infrared science, IR equipment operation and flight safety.

According to John Keane, ITC’s Global Director, “We are excited about having the opportunity to certify DroneBase pilots in the application of infrared thermography and look forward to working closely with their network going forward.”

If you are a DroneBase pilot and are looking for sUAS thermography certification training, the latest ITC course schedule can be viewed here.

Existing DroneBase pilots are eligible for a special rate.  Those interested should contact DroneBase for details.  If you have questions about the sUAS Level I certification course, contact ITC directly at 1-866-TRAIN-IR, +1.603.324.7785 or via e-mail at

For more information about DroneBase, please visit their website at