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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Infrared Eye for Detecting Leaks

By John P. Monroe, RA
Level III Thermographer, Certification # 49004

Infrared thermography is becoming an increasingly common diagnostic tool for engineers, architects, and building investigators. Used effectively, it can help locate defects in the design and construction of buildings and building systems, saving clients time and money. Below is an example of how I used infrared thermography to help solve a water infiltration problem.

One of my frequent assignments at RAND Engineering & Architecture, PC is conducting leakage evaluations. I was recently assigned a leakage investigation at a college dormitory building in New York City. The building is 15 stories high with Picture 1a centrally located three-car elevator system. The elevator bulkhead on top of the main roof houses electrical equipment in the front section and mechanical equipment and the elevator cars in the back.

Each dormitory suite has a kitchen and bathroom, and the bathrooms adjoin the rear wall of the elevator shaft, as depicted in the plan to the right.

Infrared Training Center Introduces Mobile Training Unit


The ITC Mobile Training Unit (MTU) is traveling around the US giving thermography professionals an opportunity to learn about thermal imaging from the experts. This customized RV carries a full complement of FLIR's thermal imagers and Extech Test Equipment, and has application examples along the walls for demonstrating and training thermographers on condition monitoring and building applications.

ITC MTU 1Look for it coming to a location near you.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Updated - Introduction to Indoor Electrical Surveys using IR Thermography Course

This online introductory course is designed to give you a straight forward explanation of how Infrared technology fits in the indoor electrical inspection industry. This course earns 1 ITC Certification Renewal Credit. This course is FREE.

This course has been updated (March 31, 2012) with:
  • Improved Graphics
  • Improved Audio
  • Notes with every screen
  • Search function
  • Direct access to any slide in the presentation
  • FAQ, Glossary, and Player Operation Help
Students' Course Rating: 4.3/5
  • An overview of a Indoor electrical survey goal and process
  • An outline of industry guidelines and standards
  • A demonstration of images and analysis
  • A summary of reporting capabilities
  • A briefing on additional accessory tools
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