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Monday, December 12, 2011

Industry Outlook: Re-Envisioning The MRO Model

Andy Teich Written by Andy Teich, President, Commercial Systems Division, FLIR

Despite high unemployment numbers, our industrial base is dealing with a substantial shortage of skilled technicians. In particular, the skills gap has made it difficult to fill an increasing number of MRO roles, including non-destructive testing.

Many factors are at play, not the least of which is a rolling exodus of well-trained baby boomers heading for retirement. Expect skilled technician shortages in the millions, just in the U.S. Several strategies can address this dilemma.

First: training, training, training. It needs to be a key strategy for companies—one that’s protected and defended, even in adverse times. Training improves productivity, quality and job satisfaction. Continuing education keeps skill levels matched to advancing technology and cuts turnover and downtime. Job training and apprenticeship tax credits for companies offering training will go a long way in sustaining this priority.

Fresh thinking about MRO training will drive real progress on this front. Companies can increase access to training by de-emphasizing four-year degree requirements and increasing the role of tiered training certifications and two-year programs...

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Stainless steel reflecting sky temp

This is extracted from a recent message board post:

"I'm curious as to how to adjust for stainless steel reflecting sky temp. The apparent reflected temp of the ground and surroundings is approx 50F. The bottom half of the drum is reflecting this (SP4). The top half is reflecting the sky (SP5). 

In my software, if I set the emissivity to 1, the sky temp in the picture shows -34F.
SP4 and SP5 *should* be the same temp, within a few degrees, based on the operation of the equipment. If I enter 50F as RAT for SP4, I have to enter -95F as RAT for SP5 to get the two temperatures to match.

Why is it -95F and not -34F for SP5? I want to make sure I'm understanding and looking at the image correctly. "

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