Infrared Training Center

Monday, May 10, 2021

Live Online Certification Training Expands to All 4 Days

You spoke, we listened.  ITC’s online Level I and II classes are now presented live for all four days, the entire duration of the course! 

When online certification training debuted over a year ago, it launched with the first day of class delivered as a self-directed, on-demand, course of study. Days 2-4 continued the training as a live class, presented in real time via Zoom with hands-on exercises and interactive demonstrations.  

The reason for this setup at the outset?  As a new format, there were concerns that perhaps thermographers wouldn’t want to be online for four days in a row.  However, after having successfully run over 60 of these courses during the past year, the answer is overwhelmingly clear…our customers simply love our live online training.  

Class surveys confirm this too and continue to indicate a strong desire for all four days to be delivered in real-time.  To be honest, that really isn’t surprising.  Nothing beats having a live instructor and ours are among the best in the industry.  So as of April 1st, we’ve been running all of our online training classes live, in their entirety. 

Real-time training is more dynamic and engaging.  Participants get answers to their questions immediately, and with better detail too, something that isn’t possible with an on-demand or pre-recorded training class.  Opportunities for networking are also plentiful in a live course as participants get to interact with their peers throughout the day, sharing best practices and their own personal experiences, something you miss with on-demand training.  It’s all of this and more which make our online classes the most engaging and captivating in the industry. 

Thinking about getting certified or is it your time to be re-certified and don’t want to travel?  An online course is the right solution for you!  ITC offers the following classes as an online option:

Level I

Level I Electrical

sUAS Level I

Optical Gas Imaging 

Level II 

Level II Electrical

IR Roof Inspections 

For more information, and to register, please visit to view our complete calendar of upcoming training dates.  We hope to see you online soon!