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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Online Certification Training Has Arrived

ITC’s new Online Thermography Certification program places you front-and-center in a virtual classroom which means you no longer have to travel to get certified. That’s because online training eliminates secondary costs typically associated with traditional in-person courses including transportation, hotel, meals and more.  All of this while offering you the most flexible and convenient certification options to date.

Pre-COVID-19, all Infrared Training Center (ITC) thermography certification courses were held at hotels, conference centers, or customer facilities. During a typical week, the ITC team could be conducting a dozen or so of these classes globally.  Then, seemingly overnight, the coronavirus pandemic forced ITC to find an alternative way to deliver classes.  

Enter online certification training.

What makes ITC’s online training program unique? It features live, interactive instruction through Zoom teleconferencing.  This isn’t just voice-over-PowerPoint where you’re learning by yourself, isolated from your instructor and your peers.  Participants can interact with both ITC trainers and their fellow thermographers in real-time, just as you can in a typical face-to-face training class.  And while there is some self-directed content, most of the class is delivered live with engaging demonstrations, group discussions, and more. Overseas ITC still maintains a face-to-face component for labs and exams. These classroom sessions, of course, meet all local COVID-regulations and safety protocols.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive and has taken off with Level I and Level II thermography classes which continue to sell out.  As such ITC has been adding dates through March of 2021 and is now in the process of expanding their online portfolio of certification training into more specialized instructional areas this fall. Coming soon, look for online sUAS and OGI thermography training as well in this new format. 

“Our business has always been about live classroom training and we don’t see that going away anytime soon,” says John Keane, ITC Global Director.  “However, the pandemic has necessitated this transition to offer more of our training library online and I see both being an important part of what we do going forward.  Besides the obvious benefits of social distancing, removing the cost of travel which, for some customers, has historically been a barrier, this now allows them to get certified too.”  

Registering for online training is easy with numerous dates and locations available that will accommodate even the busiest of schedules.  And it’s not just for individuals.  For those with larger groups which need training, these online courses are available as an onsite option too.  Contact ITC for a quote to schedule a private class exclusively for your employees that’s tailored to your individual training and certification needs.

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